It’s Time to get Social

This weekend we attended the annual PMCQ gala. This year’s committee put on a fantastic party in Montreal. But one comment by one of our hosts stuck with us. He said something about back in the day, when the party was an order of magnitude bigger than today. It’s a symptom that is affecting holiday fêtes in all sorts of industries, and it’s a shame. The gala (once called the Bal de Neige) was designed as a way for Pharma industry employees and suppliers to come together and celebrate, while doing good. Often the designated charity was the local children’s hospital, Ste-Justine. The idea of coming together to show goodwill to others seems to be fading.

In today’s world of social networking, it seems that many people have forgotten how to be social the old-fashioned way, face-to-face. It occurs to us that while there may be more efficient ways to raise money and to do good, something’s been lost. Just writing a cheque or sending a credit card payment takes away the personal connection of filling a food basket, or buying a toy, or giving some new clothes to a Mom who is making her first tentative steps out of an abusive relationship, and into a safe, productive, and confident future.

So by all means, give. We can all find ways to do a little more. But this year we urge you to consider rolling up your sleeves and taking a concrete action to help someone else. We predict you’ll be glad you did.

Greetings of the season,

Megann and Steve