Have You Driven a Ford…Lately?

When was the last time you told your customers what’s new
with you? Over the past few years, it’s been difficult. Companies (who are also
customers) and their customers have been tightening their belts, re-examining
their spending, and generally looking for ways to stretch a dollar. As a
result, salespeople and marketers have been experiencing a level of rejection
that is higher than it was prior to the recession. Sometimes the result is that
they forget to tell their good customers, what’s new. And they neglect to tell
past customers, what’s changed. This lack of a proactive approach, or the
assumption that their prospects or customers just know what they’re up to, can
result in a lot of missed opportunities, or worse, in clients who think the
brand just isn’t interested in staying in touch.

Who is new in your organization? Which products or services
are growing, evolving, or developing? What are you offering that you didn’t
have available a year ago? How are you adding value to your existing offerings?
Why would customers benefit from giving you another try? All of these questions
are worth asking, because they can open doors to new business and make your
prospects and customers take a second look. To see this tactic in action, take
a look at one of these classic Ford commercials from the mid-80’s. Then think about some of the great changes that have taken place in your company or with your brand in 2011 – and reach out and touch someone. (Oh wait, that’s another tagline!)

Stay connected,

Megann and Steve

Everything Seems Possible When You’re On Vacation

We recently returned from an all-too-brief vacation in Besançon, France. What an amazing city! In addition to a great deal of sightseeing (and over 1000 photos to prove it), we had plenty of time to re-charge our batteries. One thing we tend to do when we have time off, is come up with new ideas for our business – different ways to serve our clients, innovative products and services, or novel modes of work that will make us more productive and energized.

Then, like many of our clients, we return to the office to a heap of non-critical emails (and snail mail) that have piled up on our desks and devices. We spend some time wading through those, and re-acquainting ourselves with people and projects that have been awaiting our return. In less than a day, everything begins to feel normal again, and those great ideas from the holidays start to fade into the background. Unless we take charge!

One way we like to keep the energy going is to play the Innovation Game®, Remember the Future. We take one of our fantastic new ideas, and set a goal date. Then we walk backwards in time to today, building a roadmap for how we can achieve it. Capturing all this on paper makes it take shape, so that at the end of the exercise, we have an actual plan, with people, processes, and projects

We highly recommend vacation daydreaming – but it’s even better if you can bring back a souvenir.

Imagining our way forward,

Megann and Steve