You Gotta Have Faith

Last night we went to a launch meeting for the Canadian Augustinian Centre for Social Justice. The Order of St. Augustine is a United Nations NGO dedicated to justice and peace, and the Centre will act as its Canadian Commission. After a kick-off by hosts Brian Dwyer, Lisa Romano-Dwyer and Emeka Obiezu, Regis College’s Jack Costello, shared some very moving thoughts on what’s changed in our world and why we need to change our thinking on homelessness. Stephen Gaetz, told us about the Homeless Hub, and some research that shows the impact of homelessness on our youth.

What’s all this got to do with my business, you might ask? It’s a question of faith. Not just “big-F” faith, or religious faith, but a belief that problems can be solved, or that challenges are surmountable. Everyone in attendance last night didn’t agree on how homelessness could be addressed. Each had their own ideas. But everyone agreed on one thing: that the lack of a basic human need such as shelter, in a country as rich as Canada, should be resolved. They all left the room full of hope, ideas, and a will to do something.

Now fast-forward to whatever challenges you’re facing in your work and imagine…a new product to be launched in complex market? Declining margins in the face of new economic realities? Customers who are looking for a solution that you can’t figure out how to provide? Imagine bringing your team together in a room. If you can agree on the over-arching principle that your problem can, and should, be solved, that’s faith. Bring together a committed team of individuals who believe something can be done, and it will, even if you can’t yet see what that solution is.

Have a little faith,

Megann and Steve

Things will just spring up when you’re not looking!

People who know us well also know that we like to keep an urban farm in the backyard. Oh, we’re not raising livestock like some folks. But we do like the idea of doing some of the work of feeding ourselves, instead of just leaving it to the real farmers.

The interesting thing about combining our food-growing habits with a travelling lifestyle is that things will just spring up when we’re not looking. Suddenly, that lettuce that we planted from seed is up, and it’s already a couple of inches high, big enough to use in a baby-greens salad. Or the seeds from tomatoes that didn’t quite break down in the compost have pioneered in some sunny spot in the corner.  In the work world, this can happen too.  Are there some areas of your work that you’ve been ignoring, because you’re too busy on a project, trying to land the next big assignment, or fighting another fire? Take a look in those corners…something might be growing there. And if you’re lucky, it might even be something you’ll be able to use to feed yourself (metaphorically speaking, at least).

Happy harvesting,

Megann & Steve