Hello world!

Lately, we’ve been thinking our work-life balance.  Not in the traditional sense—we have always had a strong commitment to making sure we have time for faith, family and friends in our lives.  We have developed some great strategies and habits to make sure that happens, like the closed-door policy.  At the end of our work day, we close the door.  The office phone does not ring, elsewhere in the house.  We don’t talk about work at the dinner table.  Once work-time is over, we enjoy those other parts of our lives that make working, worthwhile.   No, the balance we’ve been considering, is managing a large-scale renovation in our 1928 home and office, while maintaining business as usual.  It means letting the telephone go to voicemail when the floor is being torn up two stories below, as the noise travels up our office stairwell like an amplifier.  It’s getting to our working clothes via the area set up as our “camp kitchen”, with microwave, coffee maker, and toaster—the true essentials.  Those of you involved with ongoing projects know we’ve answered your questions from the car, enroute to shop for supplies with our demo and re-build contractor, Joe Pun.  We’ve sent emails via our wireless from the showroom of our kitchen-makers at Custom Engineered Millwork. We’re looking forward to the end! Having a fridge in your living room, the kitchen in your upstairs bedroom, and far more barbecue than even the average Canadian summer demands, has been interesting.  But there have been lessons, which we think apply to other aspects of our lives and work.   

  1. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.
  2. Decide if it’s really important, and if not, let it go.
  3. Serendipity (sometimes in the form of challenges) can bring amazing results to your door.
  4. Chaos will often wait until tomorrow (and may resolve itself in the interim).
  5. No matter how difficult it seems at the time, a wonderful ending is waiting, just around the corner!

 Happy Balancing, 

Megann & Steve


Make better decisions, get better results, grow your business. We use a deep toolkit of specialized techniques help clarify your objectives, identify decisions that must be made, and eliminate knowledge gaps, resulting in strategy with a firmer foundation and better results.

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