If you CAN say something nice…

It’s amazing how contagious a little positive feedback can be.  This week we were demonstrating Enthiosys’ Innovation Games® (www.innovationgames.com) at the Toronto Product Managers’ Association (www.tpma.ca). The TPMA are a great group, who really come together for a combination of collegiality and open sharing of ideas to make their work better.  During our facilitation, the group divided into teams and played a game called Spider Web, to develop the “Real Universal Remote”.  We found out lots of things about what people want in a remote control.  Despite instructions to suppress no idea, surprisingly, not one person said he or she wanted to actually control the universe.  But as the teams worked together, they became increasingly enthusiastic about how they could develop a product that was ideally suited to their needs. Soon they were really expanding their horizons as to what they would really like to be able to control, and seeing their environments in a whole new way. As the session drew to a close, we were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic, positive comments we received from the participants.  But we gained something more…we had an instant psyche boost that carried through to all of the projects we worked on the next day. This reminded us to make more of an effort to remind those people around us who have done something positive—whether they have truly “made our day” or simply helped us resolve something smaller or more mundane. We’re hoping you’ll join us in dishing out a well-deserved “well-done” to someone (or more than one!) today… Thanks to you for reading, 

Megann & Steve



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