Are you a Business Facilitator?

Megann has been busy with her appointment at Queen’s this fall, teaching integrated marketing communications, along with her usual customer work here at Panoptika. It’s a great chance for her to get more involved with her alma mater, but it has also spurred some interesting discussions around our office about how we and our clients are communicating with customers. It also has us thinking more and more about the non-verbal communications between marketers and their prospective or current customers.

Well-integrated marketing communications plans consider what the company knows about the customer. They consider the best way to communicate (outbound), as well as how to be receptive to receiving messages and how they plan to get involved in a dialogue with users or consumers of their product or service. But we’ve been wondering…are companies really thinking about their non-verbal communication with customers?

Sure, marketers work on advertising. They think about public relations and how they or their brands are perceived. They’re always trying to find the newest and best way to get their message in front of the right audience, at the right time. But what if all their efforts are wildly successful, yet when the customer tries to actually purchase their product, or contract for their services, or even just give them feedback, the process of doing that is just too difficult? Does this sound like your organization, or are you a business facilitator – a company whose team spends real time figuring out ways to make it easier for their consumers or clients to do business with them?

As an example, Canadian customers found that shopping from U.S.-based catalogue retailers was increasingly appealing this year, in the face of a stronger Canadian dollar. But while some companies such as Crate & Barrel (through or Land’s End (through or Sears stores) have gone out of their way to make shopping easier, other retailers haven’t been business facilitators. They’ve missed a tremendous opportunity.

Given the recent state of the economy, we’re betting you’re looking for ways to strengthen your relationships with customers. We’d like to suggest you give some thought to how you can make your organization a business facilitator.

Here’s to all our customers; may they be well-served,

Megann & Steve



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