Oh Canada!

Life’s full of funny connections. One day last week, we were playing a little pub-quiz style game, called “name all the Canadian global brands you can.” Brands that aren’t known outside of Canada didn’t count in our game. Brands that are successful in Canada but were created by foreign companies didn’t count, either. Can you think of any? Our starting list was pretty short.

Anyway, later in the week, we happened to have a chance to meet Eli Singer, a smart, interesting guy who (we’re pretty sure) has already forgotten more about social media than we’ll ever know.  So then went to see what he was saying today on his blog. Lo and behold, in his Featured Shot, Eli is talking about a book called ikonica: A Field Guide to Canada’s Brandscape.

Talk about serendipity! Now all we have to do is run out and get a copy of this book and we’ll have a great head-start the next time we want to play our little game.

Here’s to the wide world of connections,

Megann and Steve



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One thought on “Oh Canada!

  1. I wrote the book Ikonica profiling some 30+ of our greatest brands (Four Seasons, RIM, Cirque du Soleil, Tom Hortons, Umbra etc.) and even after 30 years of being in the branding business I am still finding out about amazing international success stories that are Canadian like Aldo Shoes and Flickr. The whole point of the book is that if we don’t know our successes we can’t learn from them either.

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