Going the Extra Mile

How far would you go for your customers? It’s likely that the majority of us would say that we would do nearly anything to ensure our customers were satisfied with the product or service we sell. But how many of us have really been tested?

During some recent work we were trying to differentiate between competitors who provided products that were virtually identical. There were some minor differences but, functionally, the products solved the same problem, met all the appropriate standards and cost about the same.

Once we started to dig deeper and get below the rational surface opinions about the competitors, the clear difference was that Company A had “walked the talk”. They had encountered production and distribution problems, but had stepped up and made certain that the problem was contained and did not impact their customers’ operations. They proactively informed their customers of the issues, provided them with solutions, solved the problem and communicated the steps they were taking to ensure the problem would not occur in the future.

Company B is a fine organization, trusted by those same clients, but they have not had the opportunity to prove their mettle. Clients say “I’m sure they’ll do what’s right, but the other guys really earned our respect”.

Now, we hope you never have a disaster befall your organization, but you should take every opportunity to prove to your clients that you will go the extra mile in return for their loyalty. …And when your suppliers step up to the bar make sure to put that on the positive side of their balance sheets. Trust is a two way street, and you never know when you’ll need a trusted ally to go the extra mile for you.


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