Are you “Listening” with all Five Senses?

We’ve spent lots of time talking with clients about making sure they communicate through all five senses to their customers. Some folks are auditory learners – they need to hear the information. Some are visual learners – they need to see it. And some need to use scent, or music, taste or touch to decode a message so that it’s meaningful for them. But when you’re market sensing, are you using all five senses? You may be reviewing data, interviewing them, or reading their blogs about your brand. But observation (whether by ethnography, or during a more structured interaction, like a focus group) can reveal a whole subtext of feedback that doesn’t involve words. Just asking questions isn’t enough. So when you’re trying to find out what they think, do, and feel, pay attention to whether they encoding their messages to you, with colours, textures, or sounds. Give them a chance to use all five senses to describe their thoughts on you, your brand, or your new idea. You might find a surprising and wonderful new way to give them what they want – and to strengthen their bond with you.

Dreaming of customers…in colour,

Megann and Steve


Make better decisions, get better results, grow your business. We use a deep toolkit of specialized techniques help clarify your objectives, identify decisions that must be made, and eliminate knowledge gaps, resulting in strategy with a firmer foundation and better results.

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