In our book, Nice Guys finish first

We just returned from a whirlwind trip to Miami and other hotspots (Boca Raton, Delray…you get the idea) in South Florida. After a three-hour flight to Miami, we tried to reconnect with the world, only to discover that our new cellphone provider has a policy of not extending international roaming privileges to business customers in the first three months of their contract. That’s right; they believe that you should just put your business dealings on hold for three months as your reward for switching from their largest competitor. What was strangest was that they don’t tell the customer about this (we checked to make sure there would be no problems travelling with the new mobiles). They also don’t tell most of their customer service staff, or their account reps. However after several long-distance calls over two days, and much discussion, the problem was finally resolved. The weather was typical South Florida Spring (cloudy-rainy-iffy with occasional sun). At that point, our hopes that four days would be enough to relax and rejuvenate us were becoming a bit tarnished. Maybe dinner would make the difference.

We stumbled upon a restaurant called D. Rodriguez Cuba. Their ad in a guidebook sounded interesting, but what we liked best was their motto, “Who lives better than us?” Maybe they could take the sting out of a less than stellar beginning to our trip. We arrived, and were greeted by friendly, warm staff, who provided us with a comfortable table and made us feel right at home. Things seemed to be headed in the right direction.

Outside, the skies opened up and it started to pour. The hosts and wait staff ran around, helping all the various patio diners to relocate to spots inside the restaurant. A group was seated next to us, and unfortunately they were rude, ungrateful, boorish, and demanding. Two of them spent time making loud calls on their mobile phones, in between bouts of bossing the staff around in an obnoxious tone. Despite this treatment and the negative impression it created for other diners (including us) the folks at D. Rodriguez maintained a calm attitude, and did their best to keep things pleasant. Eventually, they were kind enough to move us to another table, where we were encouraged to quietly linger over the end of our meal.  What could have been a bitter end to a delicious evening, was the sort of rescue manoeuvre that deserves recognition. The unsung heroes at D. Rodriguez made our day. If you’re in Miami and you’re looking for a new take on Cuban cuisine, combined with the friendliest service you can imagine, we’re sure they won’t let you down.

Here’s to happy endings,

Megann and Steve



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