Energy, not Numbers, tell us the Economy’s on the Upswing

During the recession, we’ve seen clients and prospects undertake a lot of safe projects, or activities designed to provide cover in case of disaster, or even initiatives meant to unearth new ways of extracting more money from the same customers.  Many people approached us looking for innovation, but then wanted to restructure every undertaking into something that looked familiar, comfortable, and certain.

Suddenly, over the past few weeks, an interesting thing has happened. We’re sensing a new energy in the kinds of things our contacts and customers want to do. They’re opening up to new ideas. A new, enterprising atmosphere is emerging. We’re working on projects that link real actions (how companies will sell, speak, interact, or even search for new customers) with how their clientele work, feel, decide, act, and react. But the difference is that it’s not just lip-service. It’s a real desire to put together all sorts of sources and resources to figure out this puzzle: “What can I do to give my customer what they want?” Not need. Want. Our contacts are energetic and enthusiastic because they’re starting to see their efforts pay off. By giving customers what they want, those customers are responding by wanting more, and by pulling companies to create new offerings, rather than grudgingly accepting what’s being pushed at them. It’s a fresh blast of energy that gives us a lot of hope for what’s waiting around the corner.

We hope you’re feeling this same energy, and realizing that it’s worth the discovery, adventure and risk to get to something new. It’s time for a fresh start.

Here’s to new ideas,

Megann & Steve


Make better decisions, get better results, grow your business. We use a deep toolkit of specialized techniques help clarify your objectives, identify decisions that must be made, and eliminate knowledge gaps, resulting in strategy with a firmer foundation and better results.

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