St-Louis de Ha-Ha just Isn’t that Funny Anymore

It was a dark and stormy night…well, not that stormy. But it was getting dark, cold, and it was a Sunday, in rural Quebec, just outside of St-Louis de Ha-Ha. Our car broke down and we needed a tow truck. Couldn’t we just call the CAA? No, because we had let our membership lapse. In two years, we had never once needed a tow. Besides, we had a full service and checkup done on the car, just before we left.

Fortunately, we did get safely off the highway. We did have a Rogers Rocket Mobile internet stick with us. So we could search for towing companies; and hotels. Megann’s French is pretty passable, so she could converse even with the unilingual tow-truck drivers who answered their cell phones (and express her frustration when they wouldn’t come out on a Sunday night). Finally, we managed to get a tow from Belzile Auto, from Squatec. (Ironically, the driver is one of the local CAA towing services). We also discovered an amazing town, Cabano, which we highly recommend. Tante Lou’s Pizza is awesome. The Econo Lodge staff provided clean, comfortable rooms, plenty of sympathy, and a patient willingness to let us practice our French on them. Everyone in Cabano went out of his or her way to be helpful. We were especially impressed with the Garage Guildo Morneau, who looked at our car and determined the problem, and when they found it was something that would have to be repaired elsewhere, charged us nothing for their time and trouble.

Lessons learned?

  1. It’s hard to convince a customer to buy your product when they have been paying for it for awhile, but have never needed it. (But keep trying, CAA, and yes, we have renewed our membership!)
  2. Even when you want to disconnect, decompress, and otherwise hide away, technology is your friend.
  3. You can still depend on the kindness of strangers.

Wishing you all safe travels, wherever you may go,

Megann and Steve


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