The Best Films Don’t always Win the Oscar

…And your best product concepts aren’t always the winner, if you evaluate strictly by number of votes. On Monday morning, when you’re arguing with your friends as to whether the Academy made the right decision, each of you will be explaining why you think your choice is the better one.

Qualitative research is all about finding the why. Letting people explain their rationale is one way. Having them talk about the archetypes at play when they see a new idea is one way. Image banks or collages can help them tell their story. Or you can go the high-tech route, and use neuromarketing research techniques.

Any way you go about it, listening to customers will get you closer to the truth than simply counting. And that’s got our vote.

Enjoy the spectacle,

Megann and Steve

PS…for some great films that never won an Oscar for Best Picture, go here!



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