If Only You Understood your Customers Like Kate and William Do

We admit it. We got up at 5 am local time to watch the big-t-the-big-r-royal-big-w-wedding. Despite a few marketing faux pas (one of the best, shared by tweeter Laurie Dillon-Schalk, pointed out the wasted money for #RoyalWedding to be a promoted tweet).

The event was full of pomp and circumstance. The uniforms were flashy. The bride was dressed like a princess, but a modern-day one, clearly maintaining her personal brand throughout the day. Every opportunity, save for a twitter ban in the Abbey, was taken to make it accessible. Finally, at around 8:25 a.m., it was time for the part the raving fans had waited for (some since last night). The kiss. William and Kate knew what their customers wanted. And they did the easy thing. They gave it to them. Not once, but twice.

Old advice, for sure. But still valid no matter how modern the delivery system – understand your customers, and give them what they want. Need is about logic and reason. But want? Want is about an emotional connection.

Toasting the Cambridges,

Megann and Steve


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