What If You Drove Potential Customers to a Market Where they Couldn’t Get Your Product?

Many advertising and sales techniques are designed to drive the end-user to ask for a product. Whether it’s targeting cooking aficionados and showing them the latest kitchen invention, or showing individuals with an active, athletic lifestyle what’s new in clothes or equipment, or even if it’s direct-to-consumer advertising about a pharmaceutical product, one factor frequently creates a problem. If, when the person goes to the distribution source to try and access the product, be it an avocado cuber, ultra-wicking running togs, or the newest treatment for blog prep avoidance syndrome, the distributor isn’t sufficiently familiar with the product, what seemed like a promising sales opportunity may come to a grinding halt.

The person selling or controlling distribution of the product has to know enough, and be familiar enough, to give it a personal endorsement. Otherwise, if Suzy, or Joe, or Jeff gets to the point of asking the cuisine-ista, or the running consultant, or their family doctor, and that advisor, seller, or prescriber is still unsure about his or her own opinion, the trail may well go cold. And there may not be another opportunity.

So while going directly to the end user is often a great strategy to move your product off the shelves, before you do that, ask yourself:

  1. Have I primed the distributor?
  2. Are they ready to receive questions about my product?
  3. Do they have sufficient familiarity to make a confident response?
  4. Is the product readily available at their location?

Anytime you’re relying on someone else to close the sale of your brand, you need to make sure that person has sufficient tools to do so.  If you’ve taken that step, then (and only then) are you ready to lead a customer to their door.

Keeping an eye out for bumps in the road,

Megann and Steve


About Panoptika

You know when you wonder if you really know what your customers want? What I do is help you work with your customers, or potential customers, in a way that connects you more deeply than you thought possible. We can do this through traditional techniques, such as Focus Groups, Qualitative and Quantitative studies, etc. or, if you really want to know your customers and the future of your brand, you can involve them in Innovation Games(TM).

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