Wi, Wi, Wi, Winni and the Jets

How is it possible that a brand which has not existed for 15 years can be resurrected overnight?

That’s what happened on the night of June 24, in Winnipeg, at the 2011 NHL Entry Draft.  The Winnipeg Jets, who left town for Phoenix in 1996 came back to life when they picked Mark Scheifele with the 7th overall draft pick.

Is it nostalgia, or do brands have the potential to lay dormant, waiting for the right opportunity to come along? An article in Investopedia suggests that this resurgence is not unknown, citing 9 recent examples, including Apple, Nintendo, Burberry and Old Spice.

Perhaps the successful re-emergence of brands is based on the fact that a great brand may never go away, it can just become
unfashionable.  Marketers know that you can’t fight the fickle, cool-seeking, perception of the public.  The key to long term success is to find a segment you can own, preferably one that is large enough to sustain you during the lean years.  Then keep your ear to
the ground, listening for the opportunity to acquire new followers, to stretch the boundaries and bring additional recruits into your customer family.  It takes discipline to resist following the herd, but if you have a great brand, with a sustainable advantage, you can afford to play the long game.

Here’s to the newly resurrected Winnipeg Jets.  We hope they are in the game for the long run!

Go Jets!

Steve and Megann



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