Superbowl Market Research Findings

Last night’s Superbowl was a real cliff-hanger, even for the one of us who picks teams by the “red-beats-blue” method. (That was a dilemma yesterday, by the way…no names mentioned). But the outcome of the game carries with it a great reminder for our research clients.

In today’s hurry-up world, fast seems to be becoming increasingly important. Nearly every project begins with the question, “how fast can we get these answers?” or some variant of that. Then, having made our best recommendation, we’re invariably asked, “couldn’t you give me a topline sooner?”  You know, as in, “as soon as you have gathered some subset of the responses”?  We’re business-owners as well as consultants. So we understand the importance of being on top of what customers are thinking, as precisely as possible, and in the most timely fashion. But imagine what would have happened if we had based our predictions for the outcome, our business decisions, and our action plan for the Superbowl on who was leading at halftime…Sometimes, in the words of Yogi Berra, “it ain’t over til it’s over”.

Looking at the whole picture,

Megann and Steve



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