Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

Just a quick update…businesses and governments made some sound decisions in light of the threat imposed by Hurricane Sandy.

Was it easy for New York to shut down the subway? Porter to cancel all flights out of Toronto Island Airport? The NYSE to close their trading floor?  Of course not!  These decisions cost millions of dollars to execute.

But were they the right decisions…yes!  We can look back and second guess, but we need to avoid that temptation.  These organizations, and many others like them, made the ethical business decision to protect their customers from the possibility of harm.  In doing so, they have strengthen their brands and increased loyalty with their target audience.

Well done!

About Panoptika

You know when you wonder if you really know what your customers want? What I do is help you work with your customers, or potential customers, in a way that connects you more deeply than you thought possible. We can do this through traditional techniques, such as Focus Groups, Qualitative and Quantitative studies, etc. or, if you really want to know your customers and the future of your brand, you can involve them in Innovation Games(TM).

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