Namaste: The New ‘Normal’

Our friend Taylor and his colleagues had a recent opportunity to travel to India – we’re inspired!

A World Of Oysters

Sunday, January 19, 

Namaste. Today I had convinced myself that I had already been in India for 3 days, but I slowly realized that not even two full days have I been in this incredible country – less than two days of street food breakfasts, early morning runs, field visits to rural social enterprises and NGO’s, a local flight on ‘SpiceJet,’ and potentially the best part, spending time with inspiring individuals from a unique mix of countries and areas of work, people all passionate in some form about development and social entrepreneurship.

I will start by saying how both my days have began with very early morning runs. My first meal (post Day 1 run) was a traditional Indian street food breakfast of chutney, spice, and everything nice. This morning’s run began in the darkness of Hubli shortly after 6am, after all the travel had me up at 3:15am.


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