Do your Customers Know the Whole You?

Last night we were fortunate to spend the evening with several hundred close friends, colleagues, and contacts at the Halifax Chamber of Commerce‘s Spring Dinner. Peter Mansbridge was the keynote speaker, and he told a host of interesting, amusing and intriguing stories. But two of them, at least, had a common element. In one, he was mistaken for another famous somebody – the President of Poland. In another, an individual who took Mansbridge’s seat on an aircraft was bestowed a perk because the staff thought he was the well-known news anchor and chief correspondent.

In each case, the person making the mistake did so because he or she only had part of the story. If they had known more about who Mansbridge was, as well as what he looked like, these mix-ups would likely never have happened. So what might your contacts be mixing up about you or your company, because they only have part of your story?

The moral here is to let them get to know you. Reveal the layers. Show who you really are. And take time to be sure they have connected the dots correctly. Do that, and hopefully you won’t be mistaken for the President of Poland (unless, of course, that’s who you really are).

Peeling back the layers,

Megann and Steve


Make better decisions, get better results, grow your business. We use a deep toolkit of specialized techniques help clarify your objectives, identify decisions that must be made, and eliminate knowledge gaps, resulting in strategy with a firmer foundation and better results.

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