A-B-C…Always be Curious

Always Be Curious. We’re always working on new ideas! What are we thinking about now?


As we continue to work with our clients to help them listen to what their customers are saying, we are using diverse techniques to get below the surface of their rational decision making.  Image banks, collages, thought bubbles, visits to alternate universes, and so on, are proving increasingly useful in breaking through the clutter and helping understand the metaphors that are driving both consumer and B2B actions.

Social Network Theory

More than just a framework for popular “Social Networking” websites, social network research presents tremendous opportunities for organizations to gain new insights into how and why they function as they do.  We see this as a great tool to be used in conjunction with Strategic Planning and Team Development.

Agile Programming Practices

At the heart of Agile Programming is a dedication to proactive elimination of “requirement bugs”, or problems with the outcome caused by insufficient curiosity, understanding, communication, and adaptation.  We think these same ideas can be applied to nearly any type of interaction between producers or developers and users or customers.

Innovation Games®

Since our Certification as Innovation Games® Facilitators in 2006, we’ve been using these great techniques on their own, or as part of other projects.


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