This October, Make a Gratitude Adjustment

CornucopiaThanksgiving It seems October is a busy month, whatever your business. Farmers are busy preparing for winter. Teachers are halfway through the term, and checking kids’ progress. Businesses are working hard to make the last quarter a profitable one. Sound familiar? All around us, an abundance of things to do. Yet we still hear plenty of complaints.

It’s our plan to do our part by taking a gratitude adjustment. We’re remembering all the great things we have going on this autumn, like ProductCampAtlantic15, or EngageHalifax. It’s about the people and companies who we work with or who have supported us in our projects and our business. We’re healthy, busy, and surrounded by gorgeous views and smart people every single day. For that, we’re truly thankful.

So if you’re feeling busy, overloaded, challenged, good for you. We hope you’ll take it all in stride with an attitude of gratitude this October. While you’re at it, consider giving something back. Your local Food Bank might be a good place to start.

Gratefully yours,

Megann and Steve


It Never Rains…In Vancouver

It never rains in Vancouver…or so it seems to us!  Whenever we travel to the west coast for work, someone invariably says, “Oh, Vancouver.  Well have a nice time, but don’t forget your umbrellas”.  This, of course, has led to us really keeping tabs on the local meteorological state…and a funny thing has been happening.  Nearly every trip we have had to Vancouver, it has been clear and sunny, occasionally a bit overcast, but very rarely raining.  This includes our July trip, when we arrived in town on the first sunny day after an almost record-breaking run of precipitation. We like to think we’re somehow lucky in this regard, but as we have been pondering our good fortune, it occurred to us, that perhaps it’s just that sunny is an attitude.  As we head to Vancouver, or other destinations, for that matter, we set out with the mindset that all will be well, that the trip will be relatively uneventful, and that clear skies will reign supreme, both literally and figuratively.  You might see this as “Pollyanna-ism”, but we prefer to believe that we’re somehow influencing the positive outcome by embarking with a sort of “right-mindedness”.  Oh, it’s not that nothing ever goes wrong; we encounter glitches from time to time, as anyone might do.  But even when we’re thrown a (generally small) curveball, we approach it with the assumption that things will work out and that a speedy and simple resolution is waiting to present itself. So if you’re heading into a new project with some trepidation, or you’ve just been having “one of those days” (or more of them than you would like), remember, it can be sunny in your Vancouver, as well.  Some points to ponder, as you go on with your day… 

  1. Positive attitude can be a real driver of positive outcomes.
  2. You can “will yourself to happiness”…also known as the “fake-it-til-you-make-it” strategy (so start smiling!)
  3. Don’t let naysayers drag you down.
  4. Believe that things will work out.
  5. Know that for you, too, it can always be sunny in Vancouver.

 Affirmative thoughts, 

Megann & Steve